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Latvia, Riga, Z Towers

Z Towers, Riga, Latvia 
Fields of application
TPO 방수시트를 이용한 음용수 저수조 방수
In the first step the concrete construction of the fire water retaining basin was waterproofed with the slurry KÖSTER NB 1 grey from inside - the application was carried out by spraying. First the material was mixed manually and thereafter transported and applied by a pump. By that the whole process was carried out fast and clean. This way of working was especially advantageous due to very restricted space and very small passage ways. After hardening of KÖSTER NB 1 grey it was started to install the waterproofing membrane KÖSTER TPO Aqua by fixing it mechanically onto floors / walls and by welding the seams homogenously. The upper fixing of KÖSTER TPO Aqua waterproofing membrane was done with the KÖSTER Wall connection profile. Further adavantages of the waterproofing membrane KÖSTER TPO Aqua are that it requires little substrate preparation and is approved for the contact with drinking water. 
Product applied
KÖSTER NB 1 Grey (그레이)
CM Serviss 



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